Tour Programme 2017

For our 2017-2018 tour programme, we have arranged a wide variety of great tours to many iconic locations in the United States. Amongst these is a visit to Hawaii to capture the magnificence of these Pacific Islands with their volcanoes and amazing beaches. We have also planned a great tour to explore the delights of the Indian state of Kerala.

The spring tour to Yellowstone is timed with the emergence of the wild flowers and the beginning of the nature cycle for the birds and mammals. Our autumn trip to Yellowstone and Rocky Mountains is timed to capture it at its finest with the autumn changes in full swing, a very special time of the year in this wild part of the USA. We complete our 2017 tour programme with a visit to the Hawaiian Islands visiting three of the islands and taking in a wide variety of this great part of the United States. With active volcanoes, superb beaches and a large variety of wildlife there will be much to explore and photograph.

In January 2018, we will be visiting India once again with a tour to Kerala. This area of India set in the south and straddling the Western Ghats offer some amazing photography.

The 2017-18 tour programme once again offers the enthusiastic photographer a wide spectrum of opportunities to practice the art in some outstanding places. With varied locations across the United States, that offer unrivalled landscape and wildlife photography, along with our tour to a very special part of India, there is something to interest everyone.