I have served in the Associate and Fellowship assessment arena since 1995 sitting first as a member of the Applied Panel. I became the first chair of the Travel Panel in 2000 and also the chair of the Natural History Panel. I have been a member of the Royal Photographic Society Fellowship Board for more than ten years and the Distinctions Advisory Board since 2007.

I was awarded the Fellowship of the British Professional Photographers Association is 2004 and am a member of the London Salon of Photography, being its chair from 2006-2008

I have exhibited internationally for over twenty years and have had over 3,500 exhibition acceptances at National and International level, together with receiving hundreds of awards. I pride myself with having a wealth of expertise and experience to be able to pass on to tour members and have travelled extensively in North America and India, and made a number of visits to South America, China and New Zealand.

I have produced all of the images in the Photoventures galleries and further examples of my work can be seen if you visit www.rogerreynoldsfrps.com