Work Experience

Photoventures was pleased to welcome Elliot for three days’ work experience as part of his sixth form college programme. It was a pleasure to have him in the office and he was very keen and punctual.

As part of the work experience visit, Elliot was introduced to the operation of the business which covered all aspects, including the need for accurate record keeping, ensuring the accounting processes were accurate and how each individual tour was managed. He also learned about the research needed in the planning of specialist photographic tours together with how the individual information packs and customer documents are researched and produced.

As part of his work here he was asked if he would like to research and plan a tour to Iceland. He agreed enthusiastically and was given an outline proposal together with an explanation of the process and what research was needed to make the project come to fruition. Armed with maps and the internet, Elliot spent a day and a half planning a ten-day tour. The planning required him to produce a brief tour itinerary in the first instance ready for the website. Once that was approved, he completed a more detailed itinerary that would be part of the customer information booklet. This required good knowledge of road maps and the ability to translate this into an understandable and logical format. Having completed this he then produced a complete dossier of the places to be visited on the tour. The latter requiring detailed research on the internet and guidebooks.

The tour Elliot produced was the Iceland – North by Northwest 2024. Photoventures was so impressed with his work that it will be included as part of Photoventures 2024 programme.

Well done, Elliot. Your efforts were tremendous and your work here says a great deal about your commitment and drive.