Covid-19 Update

It has been a difficult year for us all and now we are reaching a time where at least someone is considering turning on the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Here at Photoventures we now turn our thoughts once again to the future and when to restart our tour programme.

With the exceptional vaccine programme implemented by the United Kingdom Government and also the United States of America, our main travel destination, one can begin to consider that the time is approaching where we will all be safe enough to travel.
That said Photoventures feels that this is still some way off and more time is required to assess the complete picture. In abandoning our tours last year, we took great care to consult our clients and ensured that no one was a single penny out of pocket.

Now we need to begin to consider our future plans and will be taking a cautious approach with the health and well-being of our clients first and foremost in our decision process.

What is clear is that the Covid situation remains volatile around the world and far from being under control, as witnessed by continued lockdowns in many countries. It is also clear that the virus is most virulent during the winter months and no one can be sure that there will not be another upsurge through the winter of 2021-22. With that in mind Photoventures has decided that it will not begin its tour programme until the late spring, early summer 2022. I appreciate this will disappoint those who missed out on our 2021 Winter in Yellowstone tours, but safety must come first, and a cautious approach is called for.

Photoventures plans to begin its 2022 programme with our cancelled tour ‘Iceland Spring’. This will be followed by a Wild Yellowstone tour and the Rocky Mountain Gold tour. We will also be planning a Winter in Yellowstone tour for January 2023. The details of these tours will appear on the website soon.

It is only fair that the clients who were booked on the cancelled tours are given first option for the new tour dates, as they had already committed to travel with Photoventures. Those clients who were booked on a cancelled tour and who wish to join us on our future adventures should contact Photoventures to confirm their interest.

I do hope that you will all understand our cautious approach, which is done wholly with the health and safety of our clients in mind.