Hawaiian Adventure

Come and join us on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the tropical islands of Hawaii. Our tour begins with a short stopover in San Francisco allowing us to visit the city and see such sites as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Treasure Island and much more. We then fly onto Maui for our first taste of Hawaiian Adventure as we explore the volcanic features of the interior and the plant and wildlife of this tropical hotspot. From here we take the short flight to Big Island where we visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as well as the rest of this island’s varied interior and wild beaches. Our next stop is on the island of Oahu where we will stop in Honolulu near the famous Waikiki Beach. Here we can also visit the famous Pearl Harbour, scene of one of the most infamous airstrikes in the 2nd World War when a surprise attack by the Japanese sunk many ships of the US Pacific Fleet anchored in the harbour. Now a National Park it commemorates the many lives lost during that event.

The Hawaiian Islands situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean is affected by natural forces every day of its existence. Whether this be the violence of the ocean waves or the forces of the active volcanoes, Hawaii is constantly changing, making it such an exciting place to visit. With its tropical climate and wonderful array of natural history it offers a truly exciting prospect to any photographer.

The tour will take place between Monday 20th November and Friday 8th December 2017. Tour Cost £3,650 (Plus flights).

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